Pokemon Season 15 Episode 15: Evolution Exchange Excitement!

Watch Pokemon Season 15 Episode 15: Evolution ExchangeExcitement! Online – Hey guys, are you ready to spend another exciting and anticipating adventure with Ash and his friends together with the lovable pokemons. Oh well, this is going to be exciting once again for the Ash and friends are back to give a very astounding with this week episode of Pokemon and we have to prepare ourselves.

Oh common, are you ready to witness Bianca on the spot as she goes on the stage with her new pokemon which is the evolve form of Shelmet. It all happens when the gang meets Professor Juniper along their way on the next city because the latter are studying the Chargestone Cave. And this time, Juniper have a Karrablast and that he traded with Bianca in order to make Shelmet evolve in this week Pokemon Season 15 Episode 15: Evolution ExchangeExcitement! But the problems starting to rise up as when Bianca wasn’t able to control her new pokemon.

Oh well, for all of us to find out what’s really going on with this, we better check it up this coming Saturday, May 26, 2012. So, don’t miss to watch Pokemon Season 15 Episode 15 online and be ready to have another delightful journey from the Pokemon Masters.
While on the way to the next city, Ash and friends run into Professor Juniper who is studying Chargestone Cave. While talking to Juniper it is revealed that she has a Karrablast, and after seeing Bianca has a Shelmet, Juniper and Bianca trade their Pokémon in order to make them evolve. However, problems arise after the trade when Bianca can't control her new Pokémon.

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